Weather 17/09/14

We spend our lives looking skyward not just for the love of our pastime but to check if there is any chance we might be able to partake in it. The UK weather is some of the most variable on the planet so it's no wonder we have many sources of UK weather data, both actual and forecast.

The Big Picture

Orbifly - A stunning map based site covering the whole of Europe and beyond. Select TAF/Metars from the top and hover your mouse over an airfield. Select London or English channel maps on the left for a bigger view.

UK Weather

Here are just a few of our favourites:

Met office aviation service - Free registration required but it's where every UK pilot looks first.

UK Forecast - Not Aviation specific but lots of info there if you dig down.

XCWeather - Dynamic weather site. Hover over an area for information.

Weatheronline - Used by Forecasters - a lot of info if you dig down

Metcheck - Another nicely presented and deep site.

Weather in Europe

Many of these sites work well for the UK too:

SAT24 - Some good Satellite images. Visual show cloud cover, IR shows cloud thickness.

Dutch Prognosis - Some nice forecast charts for the week ahead.

Belgium Weather - Some nice weather maps.